International Transport

Elite Pigeon Auctions is pleased to offer assistance with international shipping services to a variety of countries. However, it is important to note that we solely facilitate the international transport of pigeons and do not handle or book all stages of the transportation process.

For international customers, it is mandatory to email us after registration to confirm that all necessary transportation arrangements have been made prior to placing any bids. We can coordinate the delivery of pigeons to Animals To Fly – Netherlands, and from there, the responsibility for the transportation lies solely with the Animals To Fly agent and the buyer.

If you are bidding from outside the UK and Ireland and require shipping services, we kindly request that you directly contact your local Animals To Fly agent to prearrange the associated costs and provide detailed delivery instructions before participating in the auction.

For racing pigeon deliveries involving Belgium or Holland, it is essential to include a legitimate commercial invoice that clearly states the purchase price of the pigeons. Furthermore, the pigeons must be PMV vaccinated. Please note that VAT at a rate of 20% of the purchase invoice price and a quarantine fee of £90.00 + VAT per pigeon must be paid to GB Quarantine Services Ltd. These payments are necessary before the birds can be released for delivery.

To facilitate the shipping process, we have partnered with Walkers European Express Services Ltd. The cost for transportation, payable to Walkers European Express Services Ltd, is £100.00 + VAT per consignment for shipments of up to 20 pigeons. It is important to understand that this service is subject to regular review.

For all inquiries regarding shipping arrangements, we recommend contacting Animals 2 Fly directly to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about international transportation services.

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